UNTITLED, ART Online for Galleries

UNTITLED, ART Online is a platform designed to create a new opportunity for galleries to sell art globally. With cutting edge technology, we have created an engaging and visually stunning recreation of our Miami Beach fair.

This new platform creates an opportunity for galleries and their artists to present to a worldwide audience while eliminating the costs associated with participating in an art fair.

Grow your gallery audience and reach collectors around the globe; it is now possible to meet new collectors and make sales, with no risk.


Booth Design

The opportunities for designing your booth are almost the same as a typical art fair booth. The system is flexible to serve your specific needs. Possibilities includes tags (with tags you can show information about the works and also give the user an opportunity to inquire directly) and overlays (with overlays you can give information about the gallery and/or exhibition - reveal by clicking on artwork or adjacent tag).


Our fully supported admin system is flexible and designed to serve your specific needs for an optimal presentation. Works may be edited and placed precisely. Wall colors, framing, booth furniture and other design elements are available. Tags allow you to show the specifics of the works and allow clients to inquire directly. Overlays provide additional information about the gallery or exhibition, when the client clicks on an artwork or adjacent tag.

A Convincing Online Story – Let Visitors Explore Your Booth

The VR experience is accessible through a Microsite for the fair. The Microsite is a dedicated fair page that includes an interactive listing of participating galleries and their booths, artists and artworks. It enables collectors and art lovers to navigate the fair easily and to discover and engage with all the fair content.

Galleries have the opportunity to develop an 'Explore Section' for their booths on the Microsite. Add multimedia elements to enhance the communication of your artists’ work. Share images, video and text elements and answer further questions via a chat system.

Expecting to attract over 100,000 visitors

Since 2012, UNTITLED, ART has developed a strong international collector, art advisor, and institutional base, which has continued to support the fair as it has expanded from Miami Beach to San Francisco, with a 65,000+ annual audience. Artland’s deep database and engineering expertise reaches 100,000+ global viewers monthly. This new online initiative will offer galleries the opportunity to present their artists to a multiplying, multicountry collector base.

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Grow your gallery audience and reach collectors around the globe; it is now possible to mitigate risk while gaining sales.